Handwriting as texture


How can I map a view handwritten words on a greyscale illustration, brighter areasmwith greater transparent words, darker areas with smaller words. ( ascii renderer for handwriting )


pic will meke more sence

your rigth: look at the car image in the first row on this site: http://www.typoeffects.com/?page_id=137&lang=de

i have only 2-3 word handwritten, perhaps only one icon.

in flash I would realize it with a few clips with different zoom level of the handwriting pattern… finally a transparent layer with the gradients over all.

now I’m looking for the vvvv way…

For this effect you can create a text wall and use it as mask for another Texture. Create a wall of text black background and white Text and use setAlpha(texture) to use the text as a mask.

To create nicer Textwalls have a look at this contribution by tonfilm:

But this effect will not position the text according to the underlying image…