Handling Vertices in Mesh DX11

Hey hey!
Does anyone know how to be able to handle all the vertices of a mesh in the dx11? In the dx9 is possible through the join/split VertexBuffer node but they don’t exist anymore in the dx11. Zipping the ex9 into an IndexedGeometryBuffer dx11 seems to work partially but if I scale the object with a kinect it seems like there are multiple objects on one another so I must be doing something wrong. also I’m confused by the Element Type and Format that need to be loaded in the Input Element node, does anybody know what it means?

Basically what’s the best way to handle vertices and meshes in the dx11 and how does it work?

Thank you very much!!

sphere_mesh_dx11.v4p (256.9 kB)

Hey, you might want to check out the workshop microdee did on DX11 Geometry yesterday.

Without having watched it myself yet, it probably covers some of your questions (at least I saw the Element Types being explained when tuning it for 20 seconds).

Hallo, the way I am doing it right now is with the Noddle packs, GetVertexData->Readback, remember ot sample the value from Readback and turn it off to save precious CPU cycles.

Thanks! How do you sample the value from the Readback?

Thanks! How do you sample the value from the readback?