Handling Mouse, Keyboard, Window events in Plugin


is it possible to handling mouse input, keyboard input, window resize events in EX9 plugin?
I want to know plugin limitation.

already tested some techniques, introduce here:

using input pin
maybe easiest way.
create input pins and connect it to related Node like Mouse.
inside code, check them in Evaluate method and create events manually.

using SlimDX.DirectInput namespace
I could access to mouse data, but Cursor was disappear.
it needs DirectX Renderer’s HWND. get value from input pin connected to HWND node
or using Win32 FindWindow() func will work. any better way?

using SlimDX.RawInput namespace
I thought this is good, but not working.
RegisterDevice and set eventHandler compile ok, but event never called if click or type keyboard.

using system Hook of Win32 API
also I could get mouse data with it.
keyboard not tested yet.

anyone know other way?

hei mino,

even though we are aware of the problems of this approach for now the “vvvv-way” of doing this is the first option you outlined (using input pins). this is quite straight fwd to implement and does not impose any magic towards the user.

should an api in the pluginterfaces come available regarding mouse/keyboard input it should be rather easy to update your code. i’d recommend you not to invent any special-magic for your nodes at this point (without being able to give you a date for such an api fcourse).

ok, let’s using input pins for that. also plugininterfaces update is so nice.