Hand gesture detection

Hi !!!

I am looking for a way of tracking my hand as in this example : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYOlyb9YYBE

I cannot find hand or finger trained classifier for open cv detect object.

Does someone have any idea of how I will achieve this hand gesture tracking ?

Thank you !

I see two ways of getting your desired result:
-First by haar training openCV. Download and install OpenCV, there is a training file, where you can make a hand/finger train file to use in detect object later.
-Secondly, use contour node and analyse the coordinates for angle (point2vector and +(spectral with bin size 5 or 10) and expr (abs(a))>Threshold) to get finger caps.

If you watch this video closely you can see that only (one) upper, vertical finger is been taken as sort of mouse pointer.
To get a click you have to check coord values changing rapidly by using framedifference animation.
To check this pull down areas Trautner is your node.

I would prefer contour and coord analysis as its faster than detect object.