Hacking Tinder's Premium Model | HTTP Get: Headers Input

Hi Guys,

I’m trying to reproduce this Tinder Api “hack” found on Medium:

The request seems to work by calling The URL

Using Postman this was reproduced successfully here, now it’s time to get this into gamma.

Unfortunately I’m already stuck with the first step: How do i format the Headers into HTTP Get Node the correct way? I’ve tried the KeyValuePair Node, but it doesn’t seem to work.

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Hi @janvictor, very interesting project.

Are you sending your X-API-Key? I do not see in in screenshot but you maybe removed it for security? I ask because I see your Status is Unauthorized.

One way to test if your setup is ok is in a browser like Firefox go to Dev tools, make a request with bogus data and after you get a failed response back you can (on the network tab) select the failed request and Edit and Resend it, there you could setup all header/values by hand to match what you have in gamma and test if you get different results.

Hope that helps.

Hey @ravazquez,

Yeah I just blacked the X-Api-Token out for security reasons and didn’t include it in the gamma screenshot.

Basically all the headers you see here were already tested successfully in browser/postman application. I think the question is rather less specific: How do Headers generally need to be formatted to get a valid response? do i need to format them as Json maybe or let’s say how would any set of headers be connected to the headers pin in a correct way… i think the problem lies within the keyvaluepair-tostring-foreach-region…

If you know what i mean and are still up to find a solution together i would be really thankful.

All the best,

I see now,

I checked the VL patches for HTTPGet and it seems under the hood it is calling VL.Lib.IO.WebRequest.WebRequest.AddHeaders, I guess the question is now for the devvvvs: what exactly should be the format for the headers in this Sequence received by AddHeaders?

You could also just implement the web request code yourself in VL by referencing System.Net directly in your VL patch (Dependencies -> Files -> Add .Net Framework Assembly) and reproducing an online example on how to get make an http request in VL, there it makes more sense since you have the HttpWebRequest class which inherits (from WebRequest) a WebHeaderCollection property called Headers which you can add header to using a name and value (both strings). Make sure you don’t confuse the System.Net classes/members with the VL.IO ones.

Good luck!


Thank you for your help! I will have a look at it tomorrow. I also stumbled upon the System.Net variant and will try to make this work.

Thanks again!

TLDR; Tinder is the least effective way how to find a date.
TLDR II; I think auto-liking is unethical and will get you nowhere.

The proposed “hack” is very naive. What is the point in auto-matching people just because they like you. Those people a) don’t receive likes, hence they like you first. b) like everyone and end up with hundreds of matches c) are new and you are lucky to get liked. For this reasons, you probably don’t want to match them.

However, there are lot of interesting strategies to prototype and explore with the Tinder pack.
Like, triangulate and avoid your ex, unlike everyone, see who unmatched you (if you really care), create usage statistics, birthday alert, see age and distance of paid users, etc.

Many of the features in the API go way beyond what is possible with Gold membership.


Wow ok this is crazy! Looks really good. Where/When do we get it? :D

For some clarification:
TLDR: Yesss totally agree. Don’t use Tinder myself. Never had, never will.
TLDR II: I don’t know, is it? It basically just let’s you see who has initial interest in you and lets you write to them. everything further than that kinda depends how you get along in real life imo.
But yeah, i’d rather say that Tinder itself is kinda unethical but that’s a longer discussion and that’s not the place for it. Some people say its fun though. don’t know.

Nevertheless, what you did looks vvvvery impressive and it would be great to fool around with it a bit! Congrats!

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