H264 quicktime movs - how to play

hey all,

i got this problem for the 2nd time on different systems, so i thought i post it here – it´s not directly vvvv-related, but i guess the scenario is quite common.

i need to play video files (mov) encoded with h264, but i can´t get them to play with the vvvv-supported version of media player classic (1.81) – mpc crashes.

using a recent version of mpc i can play the files, but v4 doesn´t support them (http://vvvv.org/tiki-index.php?page=FAQ+Codecs). since the client wants to test different movies and the transcoding takes time, i wonder what´s the best approach.

thanks in advance,


The best thing, badly, is to convert into .avi.

Agreed, i found very good results using avi with MJPEG codec.

K-lite Video Conversion Pack does a very good job converting the files.

The only way I’ve managed to get quicktime files of any description to play at all is to use media looks quicktime plugin http://www.medialooks.com/products/multimedia_tools/quicktime_plugin.html
Which I think will do your h264’s but havent actually tested that!

This worked for me to play a huge h264.mov with a resolution of 2560x800:

Installed MatroskaSplitter
Installed ffdshow
Renamed h264.mov to h264.mpg (strange - i know - but it worked)

… and it was playing without problems and very smooth


thanks, guys! i´ll try that.

you can as well use the mkvtoolnix. strange, but works.