Hi, great program but i was wondering, will vvvv ever get a new GUI? To be honest i don’t really like the current GUI so i hope there will be changes at some point. Thanks :)

It might not be as pretty as some, but it very quick to use once you get used to it, if you use a 3 button mouse everything is available very qucikly, to be honest I’d rather save horse power for patches!
Have you looked at any of the DX buttons and sliders? You can build your own gui for your patches, check out the Sanchette for example.
How would you improve it?

I just think it needs some color, grey gets boring quite fast, maybe color code the modules depending on what they do or something :)

when you get used to the GUI you are going to love it.
has been the same for me.

Ctrl-H (Hide on Lock) makes selected nodes and (links) white and lets even vanish them
with Ctrl-E.
i often use this feature for cosmetic reasons in my patches.

Boygrouped nodes by the way appear blue.

i’m familiar with a lot of graphical programming environments and to be honest, i prefer the v4 way of representation. just have a look at eyesweb where every node has strange icons which make things even more complicated. or have a look at ventuz, nice looking nodes but toooo big for efficient patches.

colours could be useful but writing comments are too ;)

For the record, I like grey. ;>