GUI Strange behaviour

When you CTRL+G to create a subpatch, and you then right click to open it, the patch will open anywhere.
If you use two screen, and one has the renderer full, patch can open behind it.

When you click on a node or an IOBox to select it, then any click on wire won’t do anything. You must click twice to have the wire selected.

Also, when the evaluate pin of a subpatch is set to 0, it is impossible to pan with the mouse, only middle button can scroll it.

Just noticed that evaluate thing the other day- was driving me crazy till realized what it was.

please: start a new thread for every independent issue.

now: a newly grouped patch will now the first time it is opened always open at the mouse-cursor. check latest alpha.

and: iobox/link click-problem (as described) fixed. thanks for reporting a way to reproduce. also annoyed me quite a bit already.


thanks Joreg

With vvvv 33.3, FPS are going down again while using sliders, buttons, etc…


@lecloneur i don’t see how this is related to anything previously mentioned in this thread. please start a new one with more details and specifically describing where you see a difference to previous versions.

When using the nodebrowser, Framerate drop down.