Gui Refresh troubleshooting

I was hoping you could help me find the origin of this problem.

When I move an element in the gui, the values tend to disappear, as well as the labels, or the labels look partially covered.

This in any patch, even simple ones. Middle clicking makes the values refresh, but the labels wont come back until I tab out and back again.

This is a new Windows 10 install, running beta34.1 , but I’ve tried with other versions as well (33.3, alpha 34.1…)

Rendering seems to be working well, it’s just the gui.
Some sample images to better explain:


Any pointers gladly appreciated,


helo acegas,

i’m afraid this is an ageold problem we haven’t been able to solve. it also randomly differs between PCs: some rarely show the problem, some have it all the time. sorry for the inconvenience.

oh boy, this is scary, I got this pc mainly for vvvv.

I’m willing to go deep with this, uninstalling and reinstalling things, swapping out hardware… . If you can point out what you think might be, say like the gui heavily uses a certain technology I will start there

again i’m afraid we got no idea. don’t waste your time, we’ve wasted ours already. it is bad, yes but you can always cause a repaint by slightly resizing a window. sorry…

got it, resize the window.


So I made a little AutoHotkey ( script that will resize the current vvvv window by one if you press Alt + spacebar

Attached are the script, and an exe if you just want to run it without having autohotkey installed (560.4 kB)

is it possible to add some force redraw GUI menu?
when i face this issue, scroll patch to area entire hide all node & link, then back to normal. also resize window will do some redraw in vvvv. so my suggestion is do it by select menu or enter keyboard shortcut.

Better than more command options, shortcuts and menu choices would be a curated collection of patching tools like that, and a system to manage those across installations and versions safely.

There is the grid snap, the operandomatic and the uberkalle. Probably even more once we dig deeper. V-Man from veevee and this ancient ruler-creation from sebl come to mind.

Imagine if Setup.exe would give choice about their installation (or even prefetch according to the last one, or a dependency file), and everything you are used to in your installation could be first fetched and then instanciated from root.v4p

In the meantime use this vvvv patch to resize by one with Alt+Space. Drag’n’Drop the module into your root.v4p and save.

ReDraw (VVVV).v4p (13.7 kB)


to help this along a little, i started a repo with four awesome tools

  1. Alt + Space hides your window and forces it to redraw when the shortcut is released (velcrome)

  2. Alt + Left/Right moves your window, just as you are used to from regular windows with the Win + Left/Right shortcut (velcrome)

  3. Operandomatic (original by @sagashi)), improvements by user:rmueller)) allows you to doubleclick and type “+4” and it creates a ((node:+ (Value) with a preset 4 in the second pin. Same goes for -, *, >, =, @, etc.

  4. IOMagic (by @beyon) allows you to type b3 to create a list of 3 buttons, i2x3 creates a matrix of 2 by 3 integers, etc.

Feel free to clone and improve, and even pull request. May the devvvvs hear our prayer and put this thing into the regular installation somehow.

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