Gui and binsize wishes

Hi , i have a note with some wishes so i paste it here some of them posh:

-binsize for more nodes basic and complex nodes specially b-spline , sift , =setSpread , = , > , < etc , i,m enjoy using the existing ones also the ones woei did for the addons really apreciate but having binsize in more nodes help to do much more complex data managing patches .

-A square delimiter box to separate groups of nodes like the show grid option in an iobox but only keeping the border nothing inside .

-A way to copy path of where a node is or it was supposed to be if red i know that hovering you can see it i remember before you could double click and copy the path , or maybe having an output string with it , i know this is just poshy but could be nice .

-This is something i thought for sometime , some times you want to name your ioboxes but do not want them to be in a submodule or subpatch it will be nice to decide whether an iobox that has a name should be visible and use for submodule or not .

-also the posibility of changing the color of the title right now it is black , but it will be good for organisation that
you can decide then make group of data same to links connections .


hi ,
another nice features will be to add another pin to the quick nodes which lets you paste the module or node itself or the inner nodes already connected to the patch , similar to Patchlet (VVVV) module from kalle . so you could call a node for instance QuadRenderer and a tranform quad and renderer are already connected in your patch .

and something else ,

many times you have a subpatch or module that you will like to clone for various reason may be adding new feature to them ,making a testing copy etc ,
for that ocassion the feature that the dynamic plugs already have that you double click and use control + click to make a copy will be perfect for cloning
modules or subpatches also , the way i do it know is going to the folder and making a copy there then drag and drop to the patch .


+1 for the make visible/invisible IOBOX.

isnt visible/invisible IOBOX already possible ? see pin visibility in inspector

Hi gaz and u7angel ,

yes you are right it is already there , so great one wish granted ;D

one last feature i was going to ask for it is the making exe file or run time apps like in max , this one is an old one , probably makes more sense for commercial purposes , like sending a draft to a client for testing , having your app in a theater or show tour , or just simply sharing a patch without the guts to a college.


Thanks U7… Will definitely be using that!

Colorsound, I looked in to how a client could install vvvv without having to complete a massive list of instructions and then hit the dubious “Crack.exe”. The best solution I came up with would be to write an installer script using NSIS or InnoSetup. Currently I have no real need for an installer, so have not researched it further.

Renaming “Crack.exe” to something else, e.g. “Install.exe” won´t break it.

installer for the win!

hi ,

i,ll have a look to those gaz , anyway an exe or installer of the whole path option in vvvv will be great .

ok here another one quite old as well but remember it today , i think it will be nice to have an option once vvvv is install in the system of creating new patch by rightclick any where in windows explorer new — new patch , like the way you do with office etc .

@bjoern: yes of course, I have done this in the past. When the Crack.exe first came out it put a big smile on my face, especially with the midi tune, but it feels like its a joke gone a bit too long now. Derp!

check this: patchlet-(vvvv)
save your favourite patchlets as patches in a specific folder.
this new module calls a filedialog which loads the content of the selected patch into the clipboard.
now just CTRL+V into any other patch.

hi, maybe a silly small wish.

in the working computer i tend to have about 8 vvvv releases of them i have shortcut int the quickmenu of the last 2 or 3 releases, this is just to say a basic example,sometimes for the vvvv icon thumbnail you get confused as all are the same no matter the version. would not be nice to have a slight number or something to diferecnt logo thunbnail from one to another.

ignore if it sound to silly ;D

concerning the hidden pin feature. my understanding is that you can’t set this as default for a module (like you can in a plugin). am i wrong? i think that is the ideal feature implementation (would be property of iobox, not of the subpatch node)

+1 for ‘Package to installer…’ (wraps vvvv, your patch and all subpatches, required plugins into a ‘setup.exe’. options for shutup mode, patch file encryption, including directx / dependencies.