Guest account not unique? - hijacking other guests new post attempt

I am logged in as guest. Just clicked on the Forum link in the bar, when a “Create a new Topic” slide in came up.
Surprsignly alone, it came with some text already filed in from an other guest user.
When refreshing i could follow the other usere typing his new topic…


you’re right, this is something we missed. Disocurse does not have the concept of ‘guests’ so we’re using a regular user account for the Guest postings. We are thinking about a solution atm, I’ll let you know once we have something.

To be honest, I think just disable guest account, people can create an account really, no point looking into anything complicated…

the only problem with not having a guest account is the frequent hints at new stuff coming from anonymous guests

Allow shoutbox for guests, not on forum? Pretty much every forum I know asks you for an account…

this is part of the nice vvvv world i know. that is part of the free spirit
of this wonderful mature community and devs. trust the user, dont force the user.
lets keep it as long as it works out. Live and let die! Peace

Sincerly guest

Thanks devvvvs for your answer…

the solution with a guest/guest account seemed so simple. we only didn’t test it with multiple parallel guests…

i found a discussion about this on discourse:

to which i added our case. i am not too optimistic that they’ll “fix” that anytime soon.

since i am very happy with the result of the guest-experiment we’ve been running the past 10 years i don’t see a reason to turn it off. so unless we find more troubles with it or a better solution we’ll keep as is and hope our valued parallel guests will not step on each others toes…

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