GStreamer video playback in VL

Just to put it out there, a video player using GStreamer. It works in VL as well as in vvvv.
Was working on it a couple of months ago but last I checked it was still working. Ideas and suggestions all welcome!


Quick update: Now available as a package hosted on - see install instructions on project website.

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Hi i made it works in last beta, but duration and loop seems to be broken,any tip to fi it,_? it would be pretty nice to get speed and other data so can be very useful for vj scenario.

Can you be more specific on what is broken and what you wish for? With looping I know that there’re still issues, sometimes taking a long time to get into the loop and sometimes even worse it gets stuck completely. Probably not using the right flags internally yet for certain API calls.

Thought I’d give it another go, not much luck.

From the error you get I’d say check the gstreamer installation again - pls follow the install instructions as written in the readme on the github page to the point. Just checked again on a local machine and example patch works fine here.

@catweasel i’ve also added an installer note to the github readme.

That got it going, I did reinstall gstreamer, but I guess the complete was the bit that was missing?
I set it switching files (not spreaded) it threw an error after a couple of minutes and froze when saving the log.
There you have to toggle play on switching files, and there is a slight pause at the start, is it buffering?


I then opened in latest preview and opened the VL editor, at which point the node went red, and the input pins lost there types

At the moment the latest previews of vvvv beta and gamma use a different incompatible VL version - this is also explained in the install instructions on VL.GStreamer. For beta you need to install a specific version, for gamma you can install the latest version. This is a temporary state, and will be fixed once we release 2020.1 and can bring beta up to that version as well.

Regarding the StateChangeException - will need to have a look at some point. But feel free to open an issue here so it’s easier for everyone to track.