Gsfx Triangle from texture not working as expected (36.6 KB)

So I’ve made a gsfx that I want to output triangles from a mesh only where the texture is white, it does this if I put it into a shader to render, but I need to readback the positions, or even better the centre points of the triangles, but that number doesnt change as expected. Anyone got any explanations as to why, what is wrong with my thinking!

Number not gonna change, element count ain’t dynamic, in case of gsfx it will be your element count unless there is some kind of flag for that…
That due GPU don’t care about releasing resource during runtime. if you chect that with my info node that gives you vertex count you will see the count actually changes

here @catweasel:
Info (DX11.Geometry Spectral).zip (8.1 KB)

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Ah, ok, well I’ve output my mask flag and select after readback, not as efficient, but at at least a solution for now, also stops the geometry output being culled however.
Thanks for your knowledge!

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