Group re-arrange feature

I constantly run into the situation that I need to re-arrange complex groups of graphical layers. In most cases this means rather confusing dis- and reconnecting several subpatches and re-adjusting the pincount of a big group node.
To avoid extensive maneuvers here, I’ve made practice to start out with a big group node running about 35 pins and kick in my layers with a good distance to eachother.
Wouldn^t it be cool to have a feature to click between two In-Pins in a group node to create a new pin right there?

Was thinking this yesterday :)

Would be great for any dynamic pin count nodes.

I always find myself having to rearrange the order of + (string) inputs which can be a pain.

Bear in mind though that you can always attach another group to a group input pin, allowing you to add more layers at that point. Is just messy

there is also group (priority)