Gridsegment with Filetexture or image

Hi Guys!

I have 6 buttons that i’ve create with a grid segment and hittest. I want to put inside the buttos, an image that represent an action. But I couldn’t do this. Then when is pressed, i want to change that image.

Can someone help me?

I’ve attached a patch with the gridsegment and hittest.


Toolbar.v4p (20.2 kB)

it seems you kind of forgot to describe you actual problem.

Hi, have you just tried to connecting the filetexture node you created???

I’m helping you because I’m interested in this interface…

The trick I found is to give an empty spread of 6 texture Cons (EX9.Texture) the 6 texture you want on the other…
…so the “border” segments are not affected.

I don’t know a better way to do it…

Attached a patch

PS I really don’t understand what you want to achive, but I think this is a good starting point, the rest it’ll be just some logic.
Read about spread

Toolbar2.v4p (50.8 kB)

Thanks robe!
You have also solved my bug of hittest on the border!! great!!
You have understood me perfectly! sorry for my poor english!

Now, i’m going to try put an image when the hittest is not activated, and other when it’s activated. Then i will notice you if I have some problem.

Thanks again, you have been so helpful for me.