gridSegment as ex9.geo

I’m trying to build a GridSegment (Mesh) but somehow I don’t get further. Don’t know that because I’m not smart enough or because of not enough blood suggar?!

What works is building up the inner circle - that’s really not problem - but fo the outer rings it gets messed up :(

some tips?

Test_GridSegment (Mesh).v4p (14.1 kB)

i was to lame to build the index buffer manually.
i just took the indices from an ex9-grid…

see patch

ex9_segment.v4p (13.0 kB)

and with some schnickschnack around it is a real module:

Segment (EX9.Geometry Mesh).zip (5.34 Kb)

(with Texcoords differing sometimes a little from the DX9 one)

…and after doing this i remembered there was a related thread before:

for curiosity you may want to look at

another interesting approach to mesh generation by extraction of vertices from the primitive using ArbitraryPoint (TransformVector) to be found there.