GridPick doesn´t behave in VL like in VVVV

Is it a bug? or am i doing something wrong? (14.0 KB)

good find, thanks.

now if you open your patch with latest alpha, you’ll still see that they’re still not returning the exact same results but this is only due to the fact that border-points are now not included. let me know if that bothers your use-case.

also please have a look at the vl implementation in the version i attached. what you did with 3 foreach-loops can easily done with one to save extra cpu-cycles… (13.6 KB)

Cool thanks, waiting for the borders

did you try it? does it really make a difference for your application?
i know it is different for the test-case you shared, but also for the actual application?

Yes for my scenario it is relevant

this seems to have something to do with a little bug in SharpDX. i’ve made a pull request and it was already accepted:

once the new SharpDX nuget gets released we can updated it and it should work as expected.

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