GridEditor node in boygroup


I’m trying to use GridEditor node in boygroup, and i don’t understand how it works on clients. i have seen help patch for “GridEditor sandwich” and i have some questions:
the pins “Points Out” and “Points Back In”, what are they do?
when i boygrouping GridEditor node, i can’t use mouse, keyboard on clients to deform points, how to solve it?


try to send the values to the boygrouped homography node from the server…

TwoBeAss, how can i do this? what values and in which pins to send?

srry for my english )

i think you first need to understand the homography node… did you take a look at the helppatch ?? (mark node and press f1)

homoboygroupexample.v4p (14.3 kB)

TwoBeAss, i’m sorry, i made a mistake. i mean GridEditor node, not homography, sorry again )) i have edited my post.

I have three projectors and curved screen, and don’t know how to use grideditor node in boygroup.


Ahhhh, this is kind a different :)
Theres a Boygroupnode for that called “Sandwich”… Have a look at the Pointeditor Sandwich Help!!

TwoBeAss, yes! ))
i looked at the help patch and can’t understand what pins (Points Out, Point Back In) do. And when i boygrouped GridEditor Sandwich node, i can’t use mouse and keyboard on clients to move points.

there seems to be a misunderstanding. you’d not use mouse and keyboard on clients to move points. clients are never touched. all is done from the server.

joreg, hello!
i split the renderer on three screen by nodes Map and Transform. And than i create three nodes GridEditor and link to Group, i use Radmin to move points by mouse… Probably that’s not best option to warp image ))
Is there anothere solution to warp three renderers in boygroup?

maybe you need to read this boygrouping basics#clientid

TwoBeAss, thanks for the link.
do you have any sample patch with grideditor in boygroup? ))

the helppatch of PointEditor (3d Persistent Sandwtch) is such an exampe

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