GridEditor (EX9)


i attached the grideditor, is there a way to add more points on the grid to have more control on its shape ?

Question: can i add and select where to add points on the grid so i can manipulate them /


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GridEditor (EX9) help.v4p (20.6 kB)

how can i edit the control point, see they are showing on the corners and in the middle, i want them to be placed uniformaly on the grid and i want the ability to control how many points i want…


hi omar,
sorry for the late reply.

you can control the control point count with the pins Control U and Control V.

you can control the spaces between the contro points with the pins Init Spacings U and Init Spacings V.

in the help patch those initial spacings between the control points are generated by a Cons & Reverse combination, which just ensures that the control points are distributed in a symmetric fashion onto the original undistoretd grid.

an easier example would have been to just specify one single value for Init Spacings U and Init Spacings V which would result in a linearly distributed control point pattern.

GridEditor (EX9) help.v4p (17.4 kB)