GridEditor (EX9) and PointEditor (EX9) are not there! (Missing Nodes)

I just discovered that my vvvv doesn’t have grideditor and pointeditor and I tried to download them individually but couldn’t find the pointeditor.
Tried to download the 32 bit version as well and it’s the same thing!

Please Help <3


It’s just the fact that I can’t find both of these patches on my pc. I don’t know how to get them at all.
It’s not a patch problem. It’s just missing nodes.

hei totoro,

can you please tell us why you’re looking for those node-names specifically? do you have troubles opening older patches? or do you read them somewhere in an old documentation?

since beta>=35 those are now called PointEditor (3d) and BezierPatchEditor (3d).
for more infos see their helppatches and:


Thank you so much for this piece of information.
I was just in class and I didn’t have the node on my vvvv while the teacher was talking about it so I kinda freaked out!

Thank you so much again!

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