Grid of isometric cubes

hi i am stuck on a math thing. i want to draw a grid of rotated cubes in ortho projection.

  1. how to calculate the rotation of a cube so it is perfectly isometric (looks like a 2d hexagon)
  2. how to calculate the grid on the y axis (because that depends on the rotation above)

So far just manged to calculate the grid on the x axis (pythagoras theorem). I am stuck on the rest:(



isometric_cube_grid.v4p (13.5 KB)

two things that may get you closer:

Hey thanks, love that link, super nice resource for hexagon stuff.
I am not looking for that hexagon map like grids though. My grid is really like in that screenshot.

My main concern is less about the grid but the rotation of that cube to be perfectly aligned to form a hexagon visually. I hope to figure out the grid when i get the rotation right. There must be a formula for that i guess but my math skills are not good:(

Judging from the Top Ortho part of the screenshot posted here, one of the “mathematical” solutions posted in that thread might be what you are looking for.

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