Grid ex9 to a grid dx9

hey guys
i’m working for two weeks whith vvvv and it’s fascinating. in my way to learn it, i’m trying to combine, translate and expand patches and sometimes a little thing costs all my nervs, such as the following:
i want to replace a grid (ex9) whith a grid (dx9) because i want to transform the grid. first of all: is that possible? if yes how?
thanks a lot

here is the patch

Dynamic MusikShell.v4p (48.4 kB)

hello, you dont need to do that. it would also makes no sense in that case, because the vertex positions of the shell are generated by the patch. but the music 3d patch does almost the same. so the only thing you have to do is to combine the vertex positions somehow and make shure, that the spread counts match together.

here i just added the fft values to the y position:

Dynamic MusikShell.v4p (50.3 kB)

cheers mate,
thanks for the quick answer.