Grey video

I’ve got my old favorite of video loosing all its colour on my laptop, it happened before and I fixed it by a monster codec reinstall seesion till it worked.
I cant do that this time as I prepping for a show tomorrow, however, i fond a work around in case anyone needs one in a hurry, if you patch a freeframe effect and disable it the video plays in color again.
If this happens to you try changing the Pow setting first in the texture size pin of the video texture first, as sometimes that cures it, then try the above!

The files still play fine in MPc, so I dont really get why they’ve broken again!


what happens if you insert a freeframefilter (even when disabled) is, that the directshow stream is forced to use RGB24 as videoformat.

i had this grey-videothing once when i installed a special IYUV filter which cam with a camera driver from the-imageing-source. that filter would then always pop in every graph even where not needed and caused some wrong image format conversions.

similar is, when changing the pow-setting of VideoTexture node. when changing it the whole directshowgraph above is built anew. since there is a new requirement for the stream (changed size) different filters may pop in that do conversion different.

files may still play fine in MPc because MPc by default uses a different directshow-renderer than vvvv does. in MPcs options you can set it to use the same renderer as vvvv does:
under Playback->Output set it to: VMR9 (renderless) and set the “VMR7/9 renderless) & DirectX7/9 settings” to: Use texture surface and render video in 3D. uncheck VMR9 mixer mode and uncheck YUV mixing.

now the videos should be grey in MPc too.
pls tell me it is so or i stop beleiving in ms.