Grey renderer screen when going fullscreen

Is there any way to stop a renderer displaying grey when the patch is loading?

Doesn’t look good projected all over the ceiling if a restart is needed!

And no I can’t blank the projectors.

And even if I save it out of fullscreen then make it fullscreen when the patch has loaded there is still a moment while the renderer is visible, and grey

requested before, but +1 !!

wouldn t that be possible to obtain like this trick with setres(Ex9)?
or is it a deeper problem ?

SetRes (EX 9).v4p (25.5 kB)

am already setres ing

+1 (!!) ;)

it’s only really grey for any significant time because freezing grey when loading textures.

If you setup ya patch so when going fullscreen you’re not requiring any textures/video to load it will be very quick. Also if you have Windows resolutions already set to exactly what vvvv fullscreen should be then it should only be a flicker of grey if at all.

but yeah black starting renderer would be nicer solution devs. +1

if i may ask for a second feature:
would that be possible to have in inspektor a pin “border window” to get the out border of window ( thinking of step 2, after the blank renderer ) ?

for betas>26 renderwindows background takes the background color specified, so hope this reduces such glitches.

Thank you Joreg!

thanks!.. no text …