Grey fullscreen on multiple screens?


I have a strange issue with the version vvvv45beta26. If I want to go fullscreen on two screens the renderer goes grey which I don’t have with the older version 45beta25.1

I saw when I open vvvv and let one renderer go directly fullscreen then it shows me the screen, but after I return to windowed mode and then to fullscreen it returns grey.

Has anyone encountered the same issue?

I have two NVidia Geforce 460 GTX graphic cards in SLI mode and two ACER LCD monitors 17" 4:3.

SLI only accelerates 1 monitor so it could be that… The other one will only display a desktop.
Un SLI them, and it should work

Unfortunately disabling the SLI didn’t resolve the problem. In version 45beta25.1 I don’t have this issue.

The renderer TTY shows me different errors when I try to put one renderer in fullscreen on the other monitor.

00:02:48 ERR : error in layer Group (EX9)
00:02:48 * : Cannot reset device. Try different parameters!
00:02:48 * : [validatevalue: error occured in ex9VertexBufferNodes.TMex9VBJoinNode.EvaluateCB](validatevalue: error occured in ex9VertexBufferNodes.TMex9VBJoinNode.EvaluateCB): Access violation at address 007031C6 in module ‘vvvv.exe’. Read of address 00000000
00:02:48 - : To help us track this error down, enable the ExceptionDialog by either pressing CTRL + F10 or starting vvvv with /showexceptions.
00:02:48 * : Texture (Width: 400, Height: 300, Format: X8R8G8B8, Mip Map Count: 1) couldn’t be created because of unknown reasons.

I saw if i put both renderer on fullscreen (setting fullscreen:1 on the renderers) on startup, then it works. But after I return to windowed mode, the bug returns.