Gregsn 's Wave Simulation shader on boygroup

i am trying the Wave Simulator shader by Gregsn @Gregsn on a patch which is boygrouped over 2 laptops.
The shader appears in the server (in the non-fullscreen renderer) but not in the client (fullscreen), is this is a limitation or is it there a workaround for this issue?

shaders must be on the client in the same path as on the server. they are not copied by the boygrouping.

the shader is present on both machines, I have an exact copy of the whole patch directory in both the machines.
I already noticed something similar even in a single machine where trying to render the same shader twice proved to give weird results.
Something else that I noticed is that the very same shader seems to be renderer differently in the 2 different machines, may that be related to the graphic cards? (nvidia quadro nvs140m - ATI 9600) ?

hi simone,

i can only guess what the problem might be.

Typically you want to fetch the live input on the server and distribute that data to the clients. So please make sure that input device nodes, like mouse and keyboard, are server-only nodes (grey), which are connected with blue nodes. This ensures that the data is transmitted to the clients.

If your problem persists please post your patches!

and make sure that you don’t try to send datatype node (e.g. transform, texture, layer) via boygroup-bridges.

it is not easy to see whether an IOBox (Node) is boygrouped or not. recently i searched almost a complete day for a bug and it was just one IOBox (Node) which wasn’t boygrouped.

Ok I ll check on that and post the patch if it doesn t work out.