Hi vvvvolks,
I think we’d all love to have some videogames-like Greeble effect

I Found some interseting approach there, using texture fetching. Trying to adapt it but still facing troubles.
Some help would be nice…
Anyone with better approach?links?
Anyone already tried it?

The Heightmap displacement might do it in a way ;)
But the same old question remains: How to get normals from the displacement texture?
Here is a method that actually work>somehow
Still looks ugly in solid mode>>>may have something wrong somewhere at pixel level>
and if someone has time to improve it…


Heighmap Displacement with (6.8 kB)

and this is a shader for converting grayscale maps in normal maps (for use it in shaders like carpaint, for example) (2.7 kB)

Very cool thanks!

now i can have fun trying to rip this off:


PS: it seems the backfaces of the mesh are semi-transparent but the frontfaces aren’t, anyone else have this?

disp.PNG (199.4 kB)

hi desax, i manged to finnaly fix up shader
looks like there were two minuses in wrong places
also tweaked some params

vs ps (80.0 kB)