"greater/smaller than"- nodes dont accept vector types in VL

i try to build some gui elements in vl and try to patch a hittester.

my problem is now that i have to check if a vector2 is in a certain range. to do so i tried to use “>” and “<”. if i connect the node becomes red and says “No implementation found for “>” Adaptive”.

interesting thing that it is working with the "="node.

of course i could split the vector2 just wondering if i do something wrong.

i’ll let someone else explain the adaptive situation. but regarding the hittest: in the nodebrowser type: “Collision” and then enter that respective category. it should cover all your needs…

yes, give the rectangle in the 2D category a try! and check 2D->Collision for more operations. also tell us about what’s missing when dealing with rectangle and when it feels too complicated.

about the adaptive > and < :
as you know VL distinguishes between a single value (like Boolean) and lots of values (like vectors and spreads)…

so: > and < are defined to output just a single Boolean value. whatever is compared here should output just one single value that is true or false.

when comparing two vectors though, you can’t really tell which is bigger or smaller. you only can tell something about their components. so probably you expected a vector of boolean values (false, true) for x and y, right?

Well this is not available yet, but we are aware of the issue. For now you need to split and rejoin vectors for certain tasks.

We have ideas how to get rid of that verbosity and when the votable feature list is up check for

  • “Vector Region” (Do everything inside componentwise for x, y…) and
  • “Lifting” (small, ligthweight regions that tightly wrap single nodes, are fast to create and get rid of)

meanwhile available as < > (Component) nodes