Graphic card reccomendation

I’m planning to assemble a PC to use as vvvv portable machine,
I’ve a microATX motherboard that supports
P3 up to maximum 1,3 Ghz,
can I get the job done by a powerful graphic card or is the main CPU too slow?
and anyway, which graphicard models do you suggest for
smooth vvvv realtime operation?
Thanks a lot for your support,

I have a laptop with 1 GHz and a SIS 630 chip with max 64mB shared memory.
that graficchip is a torture.
but most of my projects i developed with that machine.

depending on what you want to do I’d say 1.3 GHz is enough.
get yourself a 7xxx gForce-card with lots of RAM and Dualhead.

At work i have a gForce 7800 driving two screens each 1600*1200 pixel.
Its great fun patching with this.

obviously the correct answer is maybe. CPU consumption will be higher for complex patches (large spreads) while GPU is what you need for large textures or many graphics objects. Plus, there is no such thing as a fast enough computer.

when in spontaneous specific doubt, use perfMeter. it will tell you who’s more busy, the GPU or the CPU.

in terms of graphics card we’ve been sticking to NVidia Cards in the last year or so becausxe their drivers seemed a little more wysiwyg, and just to avoid relearning the pitfall map. But this can change any day. Generally windows drivers for graphics cards are one awesome mess anyway & I’d kiss anyone who comes up with a command-line gpu driver control panel.

Can any of the users report if the radeon drivers have gotten better? Have they ditched the pin-up hentai manga girls from the config dialogs yet? And the silly racing car?

According to this article ATI drivers perform much better than their NVidias counterparts (under Windows Vista).

Speaking for myself I work with a Dell laptop with P4 1,6GHz and a ATI Mobility Radeon X300 with 128Mb memory, and using interesting patches is REALLY difficult!
At this very moment I’m working with the superformula shader and if I use a spread with more than 10 instances, the perfmeter displays an high Present bar with only 20 CPU… I ain’t talking about the displaying speed!..

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