Grabbing single VideoIn frames?

Well, I’m back at the well again ;) Everyone here is such a great source of info and so giving of their expertise, I really appreciate it.

I’m sure this has been covered, but I couldn’t find it searching the site: how can I grab just a single frame from a VideoIn feed and use it as a texture?

I don’t want the texture to keep being updated from the VideoIn; I just want the single frame to use as static texture. I don’t see an obvious way to either stop the VideoTexture from being updated, or emit a texture image.

Use a Queue (DX9 Texture), set it to 1 frame, and make something that produces a BANG one time when you need it. (Change or Togedge)

Best to learn is to open every node and open its helpfile ;)

Best to learn is to open every node and open its helpfile ;)

Several years on, and I’m sure theres still some I havent got round too!

Thanks very much, West.

I actually had already opened the help file for Queue (I’ve been using it); it just doesn’t mention the Insert pin, and I hadn’t noticed it.

That’s the slow part of learning vvvv for me; I’m getting better and better at thinking which node might be the correct one I’m looking for - but locating the pin that does the trick - OMG!

and ALWAYS use an inspector because of lots’n’lots of hidden pins!!!

and almost every new beta has some new surprises which aren’t documented anywhere…

i also often wondered why i didn’t see this or that pin before…