Grab RGBvideo from Kinect for Xbox

Hola a todos,
I’m trying to grab the output RGB video from kinect in a file location.
When I start with the recording ( I’m using writer (texture AVI) all the system run too slow…like 5 frame.
What’s the problem???

writer is not really for real time recording, it is usefull for rendering/exporting animation with increment setting on mainloop
(i used it to export this for example

if you want to record, use recording software - fraps/dxtory

I try to explain my project: I need to grab a RGB kinect camera into a sequential file in a folder.
This file will be play in an other time with a simple player in vvvv.
For this reason I need to “record” a small video directly from the kinect source without the use of external software.

Try the attached patch

VideoSlices.v4p (8.8 kB)

Hi esnho, thanks for your patch but I need to write a file ( like a .mov ) in order to make a database of video.

maybe executing commands to external software with ShellExecute node, or maybe using slices, transfering texture to second instance of vvvv nad saving there but that sound a little bit crazy

or maybe there is some magic to do with writer and ssd disk and lowering of resolutions, but i have never experimented with that

Hi Stix,
but is impossible record a video directly on HD without other software???

yes you cant record hd video from vvvv without some external stuff

Sorry…is not HD video, is Hard Drive :)
I need to record the native video (640 * 480 ) of kinect.