Grab pix from digital camera

hi folks

found nothing in the forum or the wiki.

is there a way to connect a digital photocamera (via usb?) to vvvv and then grab the picture taken with the camera to process it in vvvv? like playing with colors or adding effects (im thinking of a adding new background by taking pictures in front of a blue/green screen).

i’d use a canon eos500 or similar

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check this

and all the links you find there

good luck and us know

hi io.

thanks for the links!

the chdk-solution doesnt work for me since i have a canon eos, and chdk does not support eos models yet.

the cam4you_remote software seems to work. i can take pix with the camera and they are immediatly being saved on my pc.

now. since im new to this software:
how can i tell vvvv to (automatically) check for new pix in a folder and then grab it and put some (bluescreen) effects on it?

theres a ‘Dir’ node which also has a ‘update’-pin.
might that be a starter?


perhaps some of these wifi-equiped sd-cards may help you

@Uisel: so you say an Eos 500 is working under Cam4you? Cause my Eos 1000d won t, any trick you used?

DSLR Remote Pro works with Canon EOS 1000D


installed the cam4you_remote software under win7 and later under winxp.

couldn’t get it running under win7 then tried winxp.
there i had to install the driver ( german site; used the canon camera WIA driver 5.7.0

after installing the driver the software still couldnt connect with the camera, i opened the menu of the canon and had to switch from ‘printer’ to ‘pc’ mode.
after that i could use the software (allthough i only tested remote triggering yet).

didnt do a test on win7 after that.


i’m testing dslr remote pro now. it’s fine but seems crash pc from time to time. but really not understand yet what part exactly cause crashes.

  • remote pro
  • hotfolder print
  • input director
  • vvvv
  • windows camera control

the best option it s been Canon Utilities, there is almost full control for any EOS camera, shoot triggering, and direct download of the file. Still missing an API to get a triggering from within vvvv.

Still trying to get it into vvvv any idea?

found this
its for Powershot series only i think.

for video capture with eg. EOS 450D there is also EOS movie record. i think it could be converted into a library, and then a plugin, with fairly reasonable effort :p

this is full-motion video, but it’s preview quality.

probably beyond the scope but there is an interesting article in Elektor magazine issue 02-2011 concerning a gadget called TimeClick.

basically, Canon cameras featuring a 2,5mm or 3,5mm stereo jacks are released as such:

connect ground and the ring of the jack

release shutter
connect ground and the tip of the jack

by employing an arduino, a MOSFET as decribed here or a transistor that suits your needs and some simple patching/arduino sketch, you’ll have a low cost camera shutter control. alas, no sophisticated controls beyond that.

on a side note, nikons should be similarily releasable … i’m sure someone has already been tinkering with them.

just stumbled across this nice project, describing how to remote control a wide range of cameras using an Arduino and a simple IR circuit: