GPU particles video

today I ve finally decided to dig a bit into the GPU particles library and, at the same time, to do a little video intro for the videos I ll be posting in the future.
This is the first test, feedback is really welcome. I know the fonts suck…




cool idea to do a little video documentation.
i also like this first intro but nice sound is missing ;)

very nice io… we want a patch !!!

Ok here it goes but 50% of the work is done in Blender so I added a Blender file to guide you through the process.
In the blender file there is a particle system, I use this particles system to fill up the volume of the text with particles then I assign as render particles a single vertex (see Vertex object); maybe this can be done directly in vvvv, I couldn t.

*Blender 2.58
*vvvv beta 26
*in Blender Ctrl+Shift+A will make of each particle a single object
*remember to transform your text in a mesh

*export as .dae to obtain the text mesh (.dae will skip all vertices which do not make up a face, import Collada in the Phong Text
*export as .obj, then open in a text/code editor and grab just the lose vertices, DO NOT PICK UP THE VERTICES WHICH MAKE UP THE TEXT, paste in the patch in the Particles Text

If there is interest I could make a more detailed tutorial but I am pretty sure somebody will come up with a vvvv solution to fill up a volume with vertices.


GPU Particles (1.5 MB)

Wow, thanks for posting this! The GPU Particles patch is such a great jumping off point for understanding simulating particles on the gpu and this patch ties the whole thing together in such a great way!

Out of curiosity, how did you get that undulating wave that was shown in the video? Was that done in blender as well?

I think this technique might work for generating particle clouds from abitrary meshes:

here some more experiments with GPU particles, a different concept but I like how you can give some more organic feeling to a render when you can deal with such a great amount of particles.

BezierSpread (Spreads Advanced)

I am finished with the intro for my videos, with sound and a decent font, I ll post the video soon.


Great job Simone!!! Particle systems seems really powefull, keep us updated.

ok first 12 seconds my new video intro

mmmmm loving that title sequence…

Hi…can you tell me do use GPU to generate particles…do you use some kind of OpenCL python script???

Hi sapro80,

have a look at this: