Gouroud and Outline (Cartoon) Shading

Hey guys,
I’m searching for a Shader, which has a Cartoon option and also Gouroud Shading. Here you see a picture of what I mean. I hope somebody can help me!

well you can modify cel shader to accept light, i did a try on that but stuck with light actually…


that articles was nice
other option can be use sobel edge detection on some flat shaded image and blend gouround pass with it

see this : https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/583

maybe you could use a compositing effect:
one renderer doing the 3d work ( lighting texture) DX9Texture outpute, mixed with a second one with toon shader ?

uuped bit toontest think you would better use unc’s shaders here

ToonTest.rar (10.0 kB)

THX a lot…