GouraudDirectional Node red - VertexBuffer Tutorial Problems

Hey Guys!
I am new to vvvv and started by doing one of my first tutorials from Yuki Hirano (【vvvv講座】VertexBuffer を使ってメッシュの編集と高速描画 - YouTube). It turned out to be great, everything was working nicely, then I saved the patch - (Crtl + S) and closed it. After reopening the file, the GouraudDirectional Node turned red.
By hovering over the node it tells me:

GouraudDirectional (EX9.Effect) FX %VVVV%/lib/nodes/effects/GouraudDirectional.fx [id 6]

And the TTY Renderer tells me this:

That’s a still frame - in reality, the TTY renderer is almost freaking out, it is so fast I can barely read anything (besides the fact, that I don’t understand the message yet)

I am working on a Windows (x64) and I think I am sure that I always installed the x64 addons and packs…
I don’t know what else to do than to ask you for help!

Thats strange, what happens if you double click the node and select it again from the node list?
Or make a new goround node?

Usually this would happen if the file is not present, maybe also have a look if the file is where it should be

in the path “/lib/nodes/effects/GouraudDirectional.fx” in your vvvv directory

Which vvvv version are you using?

hm…can you show us a screenshot of the tooltip with the mouse hovering the red node?

ok, so i’m wondering if there is an error in the nodes code…you can check by hovering the nodes output titled “Compiled” and see if it returns “1”

if it doesn’t return 1 there seems to be a problem in the code. as if the code was modified, maybe unintentionally. you could now either open the editor of the node with a rightclick on it and see if there are any errors listed in a section at the bottom of the window…or probably simplest if you don’t want to dive into such problems, re-download/unzip vvvv to get the original code back.

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