Gmail warning for mails sent through

For messages sent with’s internal system (message-to-mail), Gmail gives me warnings: “This message may not have been sent by: ****”, phishing alert, all that.

So I decided to click through to the reasons and there was stated that “Kontaktieren Sie diesbezüglich den Absender oder den Eigentümer der Mailingliste. Die Warnung deutet in der Regel darauf hin, dass sie die bewährten Vorgehensweisen für die E-Mail-Authentifizierung nicht befolgen.” (sorry englishmen: its about contacting the sender because he doesn’t use proper authentification).

So I thought I’d just do that and contact you about that. Don’t know how other systems besides Google’s handle it and if mails might go directly to spam there.

(Solution might be to use a longer, 1024 bit signing key or something:

is this still an issue for anyone?

At the bottom of email there is the following text:

This message was sent via the contact form on your userpage. You may answer by hitting reply in your mailprogram.

But incoming mails are sent to spam, and spam is fricking hidden.

Unrelated probably, but since I’m here: sometimes also subscription updates are sent to spam.

@h99, I made a change to this yesterday do the website messages still go to spam for you?

Sorry dave, I missed your reply.
Please send me a message, I’ll check and report.

Hey h99, you could actually send one yourself, but I just did so. Let me know if it got through your spam filter.

Oh, I really didn’t think I could mail myself, sorry.
Anyway I found it in the incoming (or how it is called) folder, so it passed spam filter.

Great, thanks for checking!