GlovePIE and VVVV: Graphing Wiimote G Forces

I’m new to VVVV and I am in need of advice.

I am taking Wiimote accelerometer data (X, Y, and Z G forces) and sending it via OSC to VVVV. I have successfully gotten the data into VVVV and I need to represent it graphically.

The G Forces update about 30 times a second, and vary from +5 to -5.

Some methods I would like to try:

  1. Plotting the G Forces on a 2 Dimensional line graph, updated in realtime.

  2. A 3-D representation of the G Forces using line vectors.

  3. Taking the G Force data and calculating pitch and roll values, and using that to drive a 3-D image (3-D box pitches and rolls along with the Wiimote).

I mainly need help in using modules to manipulate the data so that I can use the graphical output windows.

Thanks in advance for your help!


helo s.

i can not recommend to use wiimote with OSC.
sometimes the glovePie OSC-Connection crashes.

better to use midi. don’t forget to install midiyoke

read here

to use wiimote forces just map the values and connect to the VVVV node of your choice.

Glovepie OSC and VVVV OSC have been working fine so far.

What I need advice on is what modules to connect to these inputs to help me graphically represent G-Forces.

I have tried:
a box that rotates along with the pitch and roll
A line that points in the direction of the G-Forces
A sphere that sits on the end of the line to help indicate its direction.

What I really need is some way to compare values and show the last few inputs as fading shadows or something.

Check out the nodes Queue (value), Framediffernce (animation) and FrameVelocity.

I attached a basic trail, you can always make it smoother with dampers etc…

basic trail.v4p (5.7 kB)

yes, the queue is your node. here is a modified patch i used some time ago. it draws the graph of a value in a xy-plane, and at each value a 3d vector…

datagraph.v4p (26.3 kB)

ah, using the vvvv arrow module, its a bit simpler:

datagraph_littlesimpler.v4p (22.6 kB)

Ahh, those modules help greatly.

Here’s my patch so far:

WiimoteOSC.v4p (21.4 kB)

hello Serendipity007
how do you send the to vvvv?

ok. sorry didnt read well…

this answered my questions