Global variables?

is there a way to create global variables in vvvv ? this to avoid complex hidding and linking ?

Send and Receive? (S and R nodes)

thanks about S and receive.
its not global variables, but could really help somehow instead off !

Actually, there nothing like global or private var in V4 as vars are only of use if you connect them by a line.
So, if you use some ioboxes in a subpatch only, without giving them out by an outbox/subpatch-pin, then this iobox-values are sort of private for subpatch. They cant be read or changed by outside of subpatch.
As soon as you connect them to outside of subpatch they are kind of global.
Send an Recieve node are a transmission of values wihtout a visible conection line. But actually its like a visible connection. But be aware of using it too often as they are not too good synchronized and do use more performance then line-connections. Read more here.
And they disturb the concept of visual programming - you cant see were datastream is send to.
On the other hand, I like to use them for setting intial status to all subpatches like at startup or overall reset. So only for minor connections.

thanks frank.

I was thinking of global variables to un avoid the trouble of connections:

if you connect an IO box, it will take the type ( float int boolean) of the connected pin and type requested. if the same objkect is needed by another object of different type ?
what puzzles me is this: how to cast ? what is the best approach ?

but I well understand that my question could be quiet surprising for a graphical programming env … perhaps I need first to adapt myself with connections… ;-P

i used internal udp connections for that
to cast types you need the conversion nodes like asvalue etc

thanks ! it was what i was searching !