Global transformation

Hi people,

I wondered if it was possible to apply a single transformation to a spread of objects or meshes? I tried to twist a spread of boxes as if it was only one mesh (with arbitrary point and apply transform) but all objects are transformed the same way, whereas I want the transformation to be “distributed”…

Thanx a lot brothers!

probably this

transform binsize.v4p (14.9 kB)

Hi ggml,

I badly explained my problem, sorry ;)

Actually I want to apply transformation to points/vertices that form the objects/meshes

for a quad, use arbitrary point and clone the unmodified points to the maximum number of spreads that one of the modified points has, methinks

spread_a_point_of_a_quad.v4p (16.2 kB)

Yeah ggml that’s it, but using transform nodes…

Here is a (I hope) simple patch of what I want to do. This one has only one object, but the problem remains the same as with a spread of objects.

rotate_points.rar (5.4 kB)

I’m not quite sure about your goal.
but maybe you find some use for

ArbitraryPoint (EX9.Geometry).v4p
ArbitraryPoint (EX9.Geometry Vector).v4p

you find them at kalle.Modules.EX9.Geometry.

Or may be you are talking about this? ;P

transform_rotate.v4p (10.8 kB)

Thanx dudes,

Look at this, maybe it’s clearer…

rotate_points_2.rar (8.0 kB)