Well, It look slike I am going to have to understand Shaders in order to achieve this.

I want to deform a texture with an alpha image (animated) that will shift pixels to the right depending on the alpha’s level.

I have been looking at the code in the deformbytexture node which seems to push the pixels up and to the left, I want them to move right?

The look Im trying to repicate is something like this

Recipe 27: Debris

any tips appreciated.


bit of lazy response here but maybe can help:

2 methods:

  1. Rotate the textures used in deformbytexture, or perhaps the different colour channels in deformbytexture represent different directions, in which case recolour your texture

  2. Write a pixel shader (Use GourandDirectional as a start)
    Apply your texture to a Grid and see it appear in your render window. Add a tex2D function into the pixel shader before the tex2D that’s alrady there. Use the existing texture co-ordinates on the existing tex2D. Add the sampled alpha value * an arbitrary amplitude to the texcd.x variable. Then when the tex is sampled a second time (i.e. to the screen) then you’ll have a displaced texture

(edit: sorry, i misread the post. ignore this pls)

Hi , someone could explain it a little better these two methods
thank you very much