GitHub and Forking DX11

So, I’ve forked the dx11 from mr vux, now how do I use it?
I’ve got the latest alpha (do I have to fork the sdk too ?)
I’ve tried setting the root to look at the DX11 folder which is elsewhere from my vvvv folder, do I move one or both of these?
What do I do know?
Sorry for my lack of understanding of github, but so far, I’ve not found anyone whose has shown me why to like its idocincratic and obtuse ways! Especially so after the systems workshop when the conclusion was there is no way to merge, so someone please make me realise my ignorance!

Proper dx11 builds are almost ready, so they gonna be in contrib soon.

girlpower patches have been updated (for some reason I uploaded help patches by mistake).

But if you pull latest github samples will all work with current build (also please note that girlpower examples/help patches are also included n the build)