Girlpower in Leaf Menu

New users seem to constantly miss girlpower, probably because they quickly close the “greetings” patch, eager to play with vvvv. Probably also girlpower doesn’t make you think of tutorials, it may need two or more leaps to get it (boygrouping is somewhat more intuitive, I’d dare to say)
So I propose to add, maybe under Main, the voice Girlpower - Tutorials, or maybe just Tutorials.
It would not be bad to add it into NodeBrowser, too, under, you guessed it, Girlpower - Tutorials, or maybe just Tutorials.

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absolutely. i’ve planned to add them into the nodebrowser for years. never happened. didn’t occur to me to put it into the main menu, which is much easier of course. will do!

With NodeBrowser I meant a patch coming with release zip (not addonpack, otherwise we would have done nothing), with some text and a single link to girlpower folder. A regular node, all in all. Redundant? Yes, but redundancy can be an effective weapon against laziness (also comes from laziness: circle closed).
I propose a single link because, if girlpower structure changes, you should rework also the patch; instead, it’s not likely that the folder will be moved from where it is, so the patch, once done, is good forever after.

done. menu now has a “Tutorials & Demos” entry and typing “help, documentation, girlpower, demo” in the nodebrowser brings up the Intro patch.

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