Gimp Swatch Loader


I made a little gimp palette reader, attached.

it reads actual files. the web enabled parsers are a nice idea but unreliable and random. has a lot of formats, all are extremely horrible, including the gimp one. but the gimp one is simple to parse.
I’m not at all sure why, say, the adobe format, or any format, needs to be in binary, or the other XAML ones must be so redundantly verbose.

when I have more time, I shall try to make a plugin that loads many more formats, foul adobe binaries included.

it’s not properly modularised perhaps, but maybe usable for somone.


btw, anyone playing at Bestival this weekend? I’m on at some point with my ropey vvvv set

gimp_swatch_reader.v4p (17.0 kB)

hello photropik,

swatch reader modules could surely come handy! why not just make a contribution from it?

also good luck for your set! ;)