GigE cameras

Hi everyone

I am currently working on a project where I am using camera input for interactivity.
My problem is that the camera is aprox. 50m away from the computer. I would like to use an industry camera at 60fps, but they mostly use usb or firewire, the option that goes well with my need of distance is GigE using gigabit ethernet, but I can’t really figure out if they will work with vvvv. So do you have any experience with GigE cameras and vvvv?

All the best


jes they work just like any other camera if they have WDM drivers.
i was using cameras by successfully.

Would it be possible to receive a Videotexture from a single cam with more than one pc (some boygroupclients)?

kalle that question would need to be directed to ids.

thank you joreg.
i just wondered if somebody around here had succes with that

if you get an reply from ids, can you post it ? cheers

For your information => At the moment the requested feature with GigE cameras is not possible (I checked with our technical support), but it´s in our plan to have it in future (no time schedule at the moment).