GIFs looping in the forum

Just a test post to see if GIFs are looping.


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They often don’t loop, do they? And sometimes they do… I’ve seen often that a GIF can not be played again after it has ended, especially on mobile.

Here is a GIF recorded from vvvv gamma:


And here is a GIF recorded with Licecap:


Strangely the GIF recorded from vvvv gamma does not seem to loop.

thanks for bringing this up. fixed for 5.3.

I’ve been meaning to ask for a very long time, but keep getting a bit shy, how do you record GIFs in Gamma? It’s very likely that I want to record GIFs, too

You can do this at the bottom of a frame.

But it’s completely unclear where to find the result.
The tooltip only blinks for a few milliseconds.

After the recording, you should be able to open the path where it has been saved to by right-clicking on the recording icon,

Thank you so much! Wow, it works, hidden gem
Is it possible to change the “default location”?
Or at least can it be written to a specific folder?

I’m afraid no.

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