GGX punctual lights alpha channel

Hey all, I’m playing around with the new GGX shader posted by @flux in the new shader community thread.
The question is: I’ve a single geometry file with 8 meshes that I render with a GGX simple effect, I can easily spread all the values of the shader but not the alpha one.
I’m sending 8 different alpha values to the GGX shader but the meshes disappear from the render only when all values get at 0.
Is it normal, am I doing something wrong?

did you check this page? transparency and depthbuffer don’t work together well:

But, why does it works when I set the alpha for every mesh at 0?
So no workaround this time

If u have material like a glass you have to do that in post pass. Try color and depth node…

If you want to color something like sprites, then you have to go look on shader for where it looses alpha, or reapply alpha in the the end… like:
finalcolor.a = tex.sample(sampler,uv).a

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