GetVertexData to much output

Hey ho,

i was playing around with StreamLines and some procedural noise together with the node GetVertexData and i noticed while morphing between different amounts of starting point of the streamline that there is to much startingpoint data. It is doubling most of the starting pionts most of the time even more.
You can see this in the examplepatch when the sphere resolution is moving back an forth between 4 and 5.

MultipleVertexData.v4p (37.6 KB)

i tried to get rid of this problem with the topology node (i thought setting the node to PointList would provide me the right amount of starting points) but it did not work.

typing the right amount of starting points into the nodes didnt work either.

Is there a node that could provide me the vertex points like i thought it would be possible with topology set to PointList.

greetings knoeterich

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