Getting started - let me in!

Hello world.

I am an animator and an utter beginner to the world of vvvv. I am completely struggling with getting started. My simple wishlist is:

  1. “Cross-fades” between two video sources (thereby assembling a video playlist.

  2. Alpha compositing of one layer of video on another.

  3. Baby steps into real-time, live generative art. How on earth are you guys making that insanely gorgeous detailed thrilling work (like the banner still at the top of this page)?

Where are the tutorials? How do I get started? Let me in!

ms meanie

P.S. “Utter beginner” questions are pesky (surely) and take time (and who has the time), but please do take the time because I am super-keen, a skilled artist/animator, and really really really excited about getting my hands dirty.

P.P.S. Thank you!

ms meanie

first do the basic tutorials on this page:
then i’d recommend looking at the girlpower folder in your vvvv install. there’S loads of demo patches in there. try to understand how they work, play around, fiddle and learn.
have fun, and don’t get discouraged by the steep learning curve.