Getting MJPEG streams working properly?

Hi, I’m working on a small thing where I’m switching live cameras through VVVV. They’re all online mjpeg streams.

I managed to get them in, but they’re not working entirely how I have in mind. Here’s the thing:

When I load them a window pops up saying if I want to save the file (video.mjpeg stream) or find a program online to open it - similarly to when you want to save stuff in the browser. Wheter I accept or reject makes no difference.

My main problem is getting the mjpeg streams fullscreen. When triggered all I get is a white page with “navigation to the webpage was cancelled” for some reason even though in the thumbnail window they show up fine.

Here’s a screenshot from my patch:

Probably wrong nodes or badly connected? Any help fixing/finalizing the patch?

an attached patch beats a screenshot in every way…

@sebl Sorry, yes, you’re right. Okay then…
streampatch.v4p (9.6 KB)

not sure if that was your problem, but the MJpegStream module had a bugger. please try again with latest alpha where the modules helppatch also shows a working stream.

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Hi @joreg, thanks for the tip. I download a newer beta and it helped in the sense that I simplified the patch according to the included example, realizing I didn’t need some nodes I was using, thus making it cleaner. It was a bit of a hassle to get it running on Win 10 though. For some reason the latest Visual C++ 2015 wasn’t present and when I clicked “web setup” it didn’t work, so I had to find and download it manually.

My only issue is now the fullscreen mode itself, with two aspects needed to be solved:

  1. Is there a way to hide VVVV (or it’s UI) and keep the patch running in the background? And is there a way to make fullscreen VVVV itself so it isn’t switching between windowed and fullscreen mode when the action to switch the stream is triggered?

  2. If I connect a projector, fullscreen doesn’t work. What happens is the projector starts searching for signal every time the stream is triggered instead of outputing the stream. Is a bad projector/desktop setup at fault or I missed something in VVVV?

Here’s an updated screenshot of my patch. The thing on the left is for the range that triggers the stream to go fullscreen.

Would be great if you could assist.

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