Getting HTML body of Facebook - when logged in and refreshing

Hello there. The noob is back, this time about HTML.

So the attached patch goes to facebook site and then you can log in from the renderer.

But then I would like to get the html body of the Facebook feed. Or even better, get as-string everything is visible on the webpage.

  1. With HTMLTexture, URL version, I see XDocument and XElement outputs and they seem to work partially…but I don’t get what I need. Just get some text…

  2. With HTTP (Get string) I managed to get the body of the login page. But it doesn’t work well: when I tried to refresh, it goes back to the FB login page.

Any clue? As you imagine I’m not really into webpage formats.
The purpose is to read aloud some parts of the facebook feed through the Windows voice synthetizer…at the same time i have to use the page as a texture (of course not on the sphere of the patch!).

Thanks in advance!


example.v4p (3.9 MB)

Update: With HTTP(GetString) I can get the HTML body, but cannot login actually…

Select HTMLTexture (EX9.Texture URL), hit F1.
In the helppatch, find the HTMLTexture (EX9.Texture URL)and notice how down its output pin Document there’s link leading to a AsString (Object) node: its output pin carries all the html you need.

Thanks h99, but unfortunately this doesn’t work with facebook’s website while you are logged in…did you try that? I get nothing out of the Document pin…empty string…

(screenshot here)

Just tried, here works fine.
About screenshots, once you uploaded it, you have to hit “Insert”, in order to publish it - this is because you can easily place an image in the flow of the text, as image gets placed where the cursor is.
Edit, I see it’s there now. It would be best if it could be bigger.

working anyway with other sites…

Firewall? Are you logged in with firefox? Maybe you should log out there… Else, I don’t know.

Not logged anywhere else, disabled all firewalls.
Still empty string…

Is it really working for you if you are logged in facebook in vvvv?

Anyway, it’ll try to build a patch which copypastes from the rendered URL…not sure if it’ll work…
If i can get the copied text into a string node then I can read it with the voice synth and that would solve the problem…

Done with the auto-copypaster. For me this thread can be closed, but you may want to investigate more on this facebook issues, if i+m not the only one. All the best!

Well there’s an internal error when building up the XDocument based on the DOM structure provided by CEF which will take quite some time to track down I fear. So I’ll put this issue on our todo list but can’t make you any promises when it gets fixed.

With 33.3_x86 I got valid data for Renderer (HTML String).
If I comment everything inside , I get the rendered html code, with links and stuff - also, I somehow managed to have friends thumbnails loaded.

Ok, strange different results.
Thanks guys.

I managed with a workaround and looks better because I can’t handle html properly anyway.